Stereo-proj & Index

Stereo-proj is a software to plot the stereographic projection of a crystal given its lattice parameters ($a,b,c,\alpha,\beta,\gamma$) for either a set of 3 Euler angles ($\phi_1, \Phi, \phi_2$) or a pole and an angle of rotation. You can additionnally:

  • Add a specific pole $(h,k,l)$ /direction $[u,v,w]$ or equivalent ones (special 4 indices mode is available for hexagonal structures)

  • Draw a specific plane or a set of equivalent planes

  • Click and find poles/directions

  • Select the number of poles/directions to draw

  • Rotate the crystal around $x,y$ and $z$ directions

  • Calculate interplanar spacing $d_{hkl}$, angles between directions/planes

  • Plot iso-Schmid factor lines for a given plane, and calculate Schmid factor

  • Draw the apparent variation of a plane width with tilt angle

  • Save plot and import structure menu

Stereo-proj comes with Index, a program that allows you to determine diffraction spot indices from a calibrated TEM diffraction pattern of a known crystal structure that you can import. Index is very helpful to determine the stereographic projection quite rapidly. For user guides, licence and source code see: Stereo-proj and Index


  • For Windows users download the zip file, unzip and run directly the exe files.

  • For linux users, get the source code for Stereo-proj and Index (Download and unzip the files) and execute the scripts (requires Python 2.7 with Matplotlib, Numpy, tkinter/or PyQt4 and PIL)

  • For Mac users, download Stereo-proj and Index, unzip and execute the app files.

  • Email me for bugs and questions

Stereo-proj and Index are distributed (with no charge) under the licence GNU GPL v2